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Kurata Sana, the erratic Heroine of Kodocha!
Birthday: March 7
Blood type: O
Mother: Kurata Misako
Real Mother: Sakai Keiko
Occupation: Child actress on "Zenjirou's Child's Toy"
Voice Actress (Seiyuu): Oda Shizue
Favorite Food: the Great American Breakfast, Cornflakes!
Interests: Uh, just about everything, really. Especially: singing, dancing, talking, and trying to help people.
Kurata Sana is the insane, erratic and eccentric star of this show. Sana is kind, sweet, and helpful, but she's rarely thoughtful or attentive. She's not stupid, exactly, as she's obviously a really good actress, but she does almost everything thoughtlessly and on impulse. You get the impression that Sana rarely actually thinks about anything. In any case, Sana's heart is in the right place, and she genuinely wants everyone to be happy. She does her best and often, that really is good enough. Sana is stupid about a lot of things, but she can, when she calms down enough for thoughts to catch up to her, say or think some really interesting and almost philosophical things.
Sana's acting career is very important to her for more than the obvious reasons, and she never lets it go to her head. She's usually very modest about herself, but not falsely so. If she did something right, she won't hesitate to say so. She sometimes uses her acting abilities to cover up her real feelings. But the real draw of Sana for the boys is her personality. She's like caffeine personified. But even though she can be, on occasion, very silly and foolish, she is still kind, generous, honest and creative. She also has so much charisma and real faith and hope in other people that it practically surrounds her in a visible angelic aura. Sana is a great main character, with more depth than you'd think after your first glance into her hectic life. Dumb at times, yeah, but always entertaining.

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