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I feel wacky today.
Alarm Clock 14.4 kb Sana's hyperactive alarm clock in the process of going off.
Babbit #1 9.50 kb Animated gif; a babbit bouncing up and down.
Babbit #2 6.32 kb Just a babbit.
KNO #1 35.5 kb A picture with everyone cool in it.
KNO #2 14.5 kb Sana, Hayama and Tsuyoshi  eating lunch.
KNO #3 9.64 kb Sana, Hayama, Tsuyoshi, Naozumi, and Maro-chan.
KNO #4 25.2 kb Sana, Hayama and Tsuyoshi on some blue steps.
KNO #5 28.1 kb Sana, Hayama, and Naozumi, the little spawn, looking up.
KNO #6 33.5 kb Sana, Hayama, Tsuyoshi and Fuuka (???) walking in snow. Cute.
KNO #7 52.8 kb Hayama, Tsuyoshi, Naozumi dressed up in animal costumes.
KNO #8 9.69 kb Hayama and the purple-haired freak in costumes. Very... weird.
KNO #9 66.5 kb A large picture with every single character in the show.
KNO #10 30.2 kb Sana, Naozumi and Hayama, who has a headband and a tattoo?
KNO #11 39.2 kb Everyone at the beach. Leopard Hayama has a surfboard. :)
KNO #12 15.1 kb Sana surrounded by classmates. They look unpleasantly surprised.
KNO #13 19.8 kb My Two Moms. Sana and her dual mothers.
KNO #14 13.5 kb 5 main charactrers, SD, holding blocks that say RIBON (the magazine Kodomo no Omocha manga was published in).
KNO #15 27.5 kb I think this is the cover of the first CD soundtrack (there are a lot).
KNO #16 17.7 kb The end of the opening credits dance.
Quiz Show 13.6 kb Obana Miho, a random guy, Sana and Hayama on a quiz show.
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