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This is the Angry Cow's Forum for stupid questions concerning Kodocha. This is meant to be purely entertaining, but if something informative slips in, we won't deny it! So step right up and submit some questions! (Sorry, all submissions via E-mail since I have yet to figure out how to make a self-regulating Forum-type page. Hey, I'm dumb, leave me alone. Anyway, all Questions and/or Answers accepted... so ask away!)
1. Where does Hayama get money? He's too young to have a job, and before episode #6 I doubt his family gave it to him, and he's not a bully... but he's always got money to spend...
****1. I think Hayama takes pictures of Sana when she's not looking and charges people to take a look at them.  Clean pictures of course!  And he does this for good reasons.  Heh heh. (Ka0ru-d0n0)
****2. Believe it or not, Akito-kun actually DOES get his money from his father! It's proved in the manga volume 1, page 67, the top frame towards the left side ("Otousan to mo naka warukute sa - ... Okozukai wa ippai moraeru mitai dakedone" says Tsuyoshi-kun). ^.^ (Megami Sama)
(note from kris: Yeah, fine, go on and ruin all my fun.)
2. Why doesn't Hayama just beat up that stupid purple-haired freak? (Oh, yeah, it's a shoujo show... heehee... Still, I personally would just beat him down the next time he tried to put the moves on Sana. Or insulted me.)
****1. What need is there for Akito-kun to dirty his hands?  Why give Naozumi a beatdown when you can just use a TRUCK? (Brandon van Mater)
3. What IS Hayama is listening to all the time on his headphones?
****1. Polka. He loves it. I swear. (Kantripp)
****2. Utada Hikaru (someone on the ML; I forgot who.)
****3. KNO Soundtracks
****4. Tokio
****5. Fantastic Plastic Machine! Yeah! (J. Sun)
****6. The same thing Shinji ((Neon Genesis Evangelion)) is listening to, silly. (HayamaSana)
****7. Motivational tapes on how to control anger... (GKern)
****8. Nothing.  He just has it so he can pretend not to hear anybody. (KichigaiTenshi)
4. Is the Babbit diagetic or non-diagetic? (A question for all you English or Film majors out there...) (Holly Clark)
****1. The Babbit is non-diagetic because nobody in the show can see it or hear it when it's babbling. They never pay attention to it at all. It's just an outside narrator. (My roommate)
****2. The Babbit is diagetic because Sana speaks to it in the intro parts and they probably just ignore it during the show because it's annoying. Besides, there's no need to respond to most of the stuff it says. Plus, everyone talked to it in the Quiz Show episode. Plus sometimes people beat it in the head or talk to it during the show, and they certainly react to what it says once in a while.
****3. It's both, kinda like a Greek chorus. Daichi is a great director.
5. Why does Hayama have a camera at school? (Erica)
****1.That could go back to question #1: He has the camera to take pictures of Sana 
to get money! (ATomoe)
6. Does Sana's Nori-Nori machine ever run out of batteries? (Erica)
****1. Sana's Nori Nori machine recharges itself off the energy she outputs while rapping away.  it's got enough energy stored up for the next million or two years. (SummerCloud)
7. Where does Mama keep her hats? Does she ever re-wear them? (Erica)
****1. She re-wears the Maro-chan squirrel doghouse one a lot, doesn't she?
8. Is Rei-kun's vision permanently damaged from having to wear sunglasses all the time? (Erica)
****1.To answer the 'burning question' above, I believe that the sunglassses Rei never takes off has kept him in a sort of time warp, allowing him to experince time and interact with people, but never to age himself. Thus, in answer of question number 8, his vision could not be impaired because of no physical aging or any sort of time passing. (Anya)
9. If Rei-kun is only 20, then how old was he when he first met Sana? How could he have been in college? (Erica)
Do you have any answers? Do you have any questions?
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All questions will be posted unless they're profane or just really, really, really stupid. This is a page devoted to SERIOUSLY debating pointless information. All answers to these questions will be also be posted, excepting the EXTREMELY stupid and the foul. This is all in fun, so come on people, let's be creative!
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