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Hayama and Sana
Bob-kun says: Do these pants make my thighs look fat?
BOB-KUN SAYS: Well, here we are in the gallery for pictures of Sana and Hayama together. Galleries for individual pictures of Hayama, Sana, and group images are linked at the bottom of this page. Now, we know these are very, very cute pictures, but as usual, please don't steal them or link to them. If you take pictures, please link to the Shrine with one of our tasteful banners, preferably somewhere the banner can actually be seen. Banners can be found on the banner page, also linked at the bottom. Now, keeping all that in mind, enjoy the gallery.
This gallery, like all the others here, contains no thumbnails. Instead, in the interests of
preserving both server space and making the page load faster, the images are in tables
with file sizes and descriptions of the pictures. The pictures have been split up into two pages for no particular organizational reason; I just felt like it. There are 10-15 pictures per page.

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The Hayama Gallery
The Sana Gallery
Group Image Gallery
Bob-kun says: I like frisbee golf, but these pants make it difficult.
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The Hayama Gallery
The Sana Gallery
Group Image Gallery
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Kris Wolfe