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HAYAMA AKITO, the grooviest guy in anime!
Birthday: October 12
Blood Type: B
Father: Hayama Fuyuke
Mother: Hayama Koharu
Sister: Hayama Natsumi
Voice Actor (Seiyuu): Nakazaki Tatsuya
Favorite Food: SUSHI!!!
Interests: Karate, Sana, listening to music, SUSHI!!!
Animals he turns into: Lone Wolf (Ulululu!), Leopard (when he's being bad), Tanuki (sort of like a raccoon).
Hayama Akito is a very strange guy. He seems very indifferent and cold to the outside world most of the time. He seems to think heavily about everything around him and is really very intelligent. He had a bad home life for most of his life, and while that has changed, growing up in that sort of environment has made him permanently stoic and cynical about everything around him. He finds it very difficult to express emotion, especially positive emotions, and often says he doesn't hate something or that it's not bad to indicate that he really likes it a lot. He seems very dispassionate about most things. However, being very thoughtful and smart doesn't mean that he thinks about everything he does; indeed, his impulsive behavior often gets him into trouble with other characters, especially Sana. In addition, although he shows little emotion, he seems easily wounded by people he cares about (like Sana, or his family) and he tends to be on the violent side when he's upset. He's very strong and is good at karate.
Leopard Hayama! KAWAII!!!

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