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Hayama #1 110 kb The cover to a manga tankubon. Hayama is up against a wall.
Hayama #2 5.82 kb Hayama surrounded by shoujo bubbles.
Hayama #3 46.7 kb Hayama with a mini leopard-Hayama over his shoulder. Kawaii!
Hayama #4 32 kb I don't know. He looks, well, gay. Sorry, but...
Hayama #5 9.3 kb Hayama sitting on his bed, wrapped in blankets, watching TV.
Hayama #6 17 kb Hayama sitting on some stairs holding a glass.
Hayama #7 9.92 kb Hayama on a bike. He's not wearing a shirt. That's weird.
Hayama #8 15.8 kb Hayama walking through the snow, SD. Very cute!
Hayama #9 14.4 kb Hayama, SD, wearing a leopard suit and eating a piece of cheese.
Hayama #10 18.4 kb Face shot surrounded by pastel. Ooo, look at the pretty lights!
Hayama #11 12.9 kb Really cute. Blue. Side face shot. Go look.

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