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This is a page which serves, obviously, a rather strange purpose. Why, you ask, am I comparing these two shows? They are nothing alike. Well, it wasn't my idea. (okay, it was my idea to make this page, but not the list itself...) The idea was spawned from the rather popular and groovy Kodomo no Omocha Mailing List. Join now and have people always e-mailing you about inane things! Anyway, that's where this list began. Any more submissions can be sent in to I'll post things (with credit given) unless they're obscene, scatlogical, or just really stupid. Have fun!
1. No original head gear on Dawson's Creek.
2. On Kodocha, everyone has had screwed up lives, but nobody whines about it.
3. At eleven years old, Akito has had more girls than Dawson.
4. No characters in Dawson's Creek are ever struck with mallets, even though some of them REALLY need it.
5. Because Hayama at 11 years old knows how to cop a feel when the opportunity arises ^_^;; while Dawson wouldn't know a "feel" if it fell in his hands...<no pun intended... well, yes, it was intended, but thats not the point> ^_^;;
6. Becuz Sana-Chan's "rapping" will win out on Joey's solo (in the beauty pageant episode) any day...
7. Becuz Tsuyoshi serves as SUCH a better sidekick than Pacey does (I mean, c'mon...can you see Pacey ever saying "AAHHHH!! I'm feeling ORNERY!!!!!!!")
8. There's no Babbit to tell you who likes who in Dawson's Creek.
9. Much cooler opening and closing songs in Kodocha.
10. Speaking of the opening song, the Dawson's Creek people do not do a cool dance
during the opening, they just sort of sit there.
11. Nobody in Kodocha is having sex with anyone else. At least not that you have to
know about. Heh heh.
12. Serious themes, such as suicide, are dealt with much more humourously in Kodocha.
13. When a Dawson's Creek character is feeling glum, they whine about it for several
episodes. In Kodocha, they rap about it for about 20 seconds and get on with life.
14. In Kodocha, Hayama takes a picture of the teachers in a compromising situation. In Dawson's Creek, Pacey and his teacher are IN a compromising situation.
15. Sana would NEVER ask Hayama how many times a day he "walks his dog". (Um,
yuck? Yuck, anyone?)
16. Hayama does not suffer from "Peter Pan Syndrome."
17. Nobody eats "The Great American Asagohan (breakfast)" in Dawson's Creek (that's Sana's milk and corn flakes stuff), or otherwise attempts to ape American culture (Herro, my name is Sam desu. Samu speak engrish verdy vell). Much is lost because of this.
18. Kodocha merchandise is much more desirable than Dawson's Creek merchandise. (I want a mallet and a Talking Maro-chan Door Writing-board!)
19. I can actually sit through a episode of Kodocha without planning on doing something nasty to whoever made me watch it. (Not that anyone *makes* me watch Kodocha.)
20. Kodocha's writers don't make you want to SCREAM.
21. When Kodocha characters cry, it's much more attractive and pretty.
Do you have any more suggestions?
Send 'em in! E-mail
This list is not meant to offend anyone who likes Dawson's Creek. It is, however, meant to offend anyone who is freakish enough to like Dawson's Creek more than Kodocha. BWAHAHA! Bow to the power of the internet!
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